Sid Baudinette Windscreens

Keep your vision clear with a quality windscreen!

Sid Baudinette Windscreens can change the windscreen, door glass, rear windscreen and rear boot spoilers on your recreational or commercial vehicle for excellent visibility and safety.

Getting your windscreen replaced is particularly important if you’re selling a vehicle and need a roadworthy certificate; Australian law states that your windscreen cannot be cracked, pitted or scratched before it’s sold. And, if you travel near or on gravel roads, your windscreen will become pitted very quickly by small stones and dust kicking up from the road surface.

If you’ve been in an accident or the victim of vandalism, we can also help with emergency windscreen or window replacement, either at your home or office, so you can get back to your day quickly.

Stocking a range of sizes and shapes, we can replace your windscreen or windows quickly and efficiently no matter the make, model or customisation of your vehicle.

We’ll knock out any existing windscreen or window from your vehicle, making sure the frames are completely clear of broken or shattered glass.  Then we’ll measure up and safely install the new piece of glass, ensuring everything is in full working order.

Once installed, your new windscreen or window is immediately safe to be cleaned, either by hand or through a commercial car wash. It will not be affected by weather, extreme sun or rain, and will give you years of safe driving visibility.

Sid Baudinette Windscreens has decades of experience in the industry, having started in Melbourne in 1973, and uses the very best products and tools.  With the right experience, advice and price, our friendly team will deliver you a quality windscreen or window replacement job!

  • We repair windscreens
  • Vehicle door glass
  • Rear windscreens
  • Rear boot spoilers
  • Insurance work
  • ADAS advance driver assistance systems O'Briens certified
  • Older vehicle window restoration
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